Friday, 18 July 2014

My Social Calendar

Hi everypuggy,

Winston heres.
Me at the beach on Saturday!

Well here it is... my very busy weekend recaps.


We packed our beach stuffs and headed to the beach.

It was the weekend of our Tide Pool Pugs event. This is an annual event that Mum organizes.

It was a greats turn out!

It was a super tide so the tide wents way out, that we could venture way into the middle of the inlet!

Ready... here we go!

Sam Cooper ventures out into the inlet

Here is the city of Vancouver

My friend Xena

Isn't he cute! Our newest member and only 5 months old!

My friend Meadow. Did you know, she loves to swim in the ocean!



Rosie. Ok she isn't a pug but she is sure cutes!

Hamlet and Babette
My buddy, Nero

OMP! Olivia's Mum, Leslie, tooks tons of photos of us! Please go and check out all her photos. You won't be disappointed!

She has her own facebooks page...

Four Paws Photography Abbotsford

Ok so here is one of Leslie's photos that is a huge favourite of ours...

Sam Cooper and Diva!

Diva is available for adoption with West Coast Canada Pug Rescue.

Next came the paparazzi...

What can I say... I am populars!

We spent the whole day at the beach, hanging with the group and having a picnic.

But eventually we had to pack up and head homes to bed to get ready for our Sunday activities!

Modern Dog Magazine featured our meet up on their site. Check it outs!


We started off with breakfast on the front porch...
Hurry up Mum, breakfast is getting colds!

Mum let us have a special snack...

Captain Crunch! YUMMY! 
Sam Cooper loves Captain Crunch A LOT!
 Next we helped Mum wash and clean the Miata...

Good job Mum...  cleaning those windows!

Sam Cooper makes sure Mum doesn't miss any spots
 Here we are helping

You almost done Mum?

At dinner times on Sumday we packed up my stroller and headed to Deer Lake Park.

It's walking distance from the house.  It tooks us 45 minutes to walks because it was hots and we had to stop several times for water breaks.

We went to watch the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra's free outdoor concert.

It was Sam's first time at this event

Me and Mum come to this every years

The concert was fantastic and when we walked back homes we enjoyed this sunset at about 9:30

very pretty colours!
Our weekend was so busy that by Sunday evening when we gots home...

we were pretty tired.

This is how we ended our weekend.

I guess you can says I am a busy bee!

I thinks I need my own social committee!


Sunday, 9 February 2014

A Connoisseur of Pug Hats

Hi everypuggy,

Winston heres.

Todays I want to discuss... "hats".

My haberdasher insists I ams an extremely sophisticated pug.

So sophisticated that only the best will do.

Many of yous know... I am a huge connoisseur of hats.

Me in one of my many hats

So when my friends Dan and Judy gave me a present not long ago...

My haberdasher was thrilled with the gift.

They gaves me a very special hat, one, that had been in their family for many many years.
(It belonged to their relative who wore it for special activities connected to The Shriners.)

Dan and Judy passed on to me, this most spectacular hat...

It really compliments my sophisticated appearance!

It has beens quite chilly here these past few days,
the perfect weather for showing of my new hat!

The sun shining upon me with my hat keeping my head warm and my scarf bundled arounds me...
makes for the most excellent afternoon outing.

Ahhh the life of a regal pug, "senior" has it's privileges!

Thank you to Dan and Judy, my Washington state friends...

My haberdasher agrees with me when I says...
This hat is very well received!

Stay warms my friends

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Ship Wrecked in English Bay

Hi everypuggy,

Winston heres,

Over the holidays I became ship wrecked in Vancouver's West End, in the popular English Bay area.

OMP Help!

While I waited for Search and Rescue, I decided to tour the area.

Naturally, the first order of the outing was to order lunch!

After my belly was satisfied... I spent a bit of time people watching on Denman St.

(Yes... I did get asked to have my picture taken by a passerby. I usually do!)

Then it was off around the seawall to looks at the scenery.

This Inukshuk is a pretty popular spot for tourists and their cameras. It over looks English Bay.

I figured I better have my photo taken here too!

I also stopped for my picture to be taken at the beach.

This is the location where peoples gather and run into the water for the Annual Polar Bear Swim.

Can you imagines... swimming in the water at this time of year! SMH!!

My outing came to an end when "Search and Rescue" finally arrived!

That rescue was in the form of a certain little trouble maker.

This said "Trouble Maker" also decided it would be a goods idea to photo bomb my final picture!

Way to go Sam Cooper, thanks a lots!