Thursday, 10 October 2013

Aqua Paws... Aqua Pug!

Hi everypuggy,

To kicks off my first post...

Let's talks Swimming!

Yesterday I gots mail. This arrived from my friend Lola Pug.

It is very fitting as many of you know, cuz I recently started my hydrotherapy sessions.

I goes to my sessions 2 times a week.

Because I am lucky and get 2 trainers...  I don't require to wear a life vest.

I gets to practice swimming, do a bit of muscle works and a few other exercises.

I never takes my eye of the rewards tray

You knows what my favourite part is?

Floatings and eating my lamb treat rewards.

Here I am relaxing and floating in the waters

My sessions usually lasts abouts 30 minutes.

On the drive homes I usually falls asleep.

I highly recommends  Aqua Paws Canine Water Wellness.

If you lives in the Vancouver area you should checks them out.
Tell them Winston Wilbur sent you!

Keeping it sexy in a speedo


  1. That is very cool Winston!! Those lamb treats sound delicious - we wouldn't take our eyes off the treat tray either :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Brutus, Ellie & Pippa

  2. Wow Winston! That looks like it feels good. Sluggo said, just don't let them put you in a speedo. I am glad you are getting this extra help for your legs. I can't wait to hear about your response!
    P.S. Brigitte says hi too!

  3. Winston, you look awesome!! tell Mom to find you a sexy puggy Speedo, I think you're in contention for a gold medal!