Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Winston MacPug

Hi everypuggy,

Winston heres

Today we talks Halloween costumes.

In the past years my costumes have been pretty creative...

Bulldozer 2010

Vancouver Canucks Zamboni 2011

Chuck Wagon 2012

Unfortunately, this year Mum wasn't ables to get costumes done for me and Sam.

So... I have to settle for a less elaborate costume.

Ok, first some history.

Mum's parents moved to Canada from Scotland
just befores she was born.

Mum's Grandma was a Wallace.

The history of Mum's family tree has confirmed...
Mum is a descendant of William Wallace.

This is trues.

So this years I am going back to our heritage...

I am going to be a proud "William Wallace Scotspug"

Winston MacWilbur

Now I knows what you are all dying to asks me...

Do I wear my kilt withouts underwear underneath?

Am I a true Scottish Pug?

Underwear or no underwear... only I will ever knows!

That is a secret I will never tells!

Happy Halloween!

Pee S - Happy Birthday Mum, I loves you!



  1. You always had the best costumes, Winston. And glad to see you blogging again! :)<3

    Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday to your mum! I'll be dressing up too, but it's still a surprise that I'll reveal later on my blog. ;)

  2. omg, Winston....I LOVE you! and Sam Coop too!